Colin has been playing guitar for nearly 50 years. His first attempts at playing in public were in the folk clubs of Cambridge in the late 60s, and his eyes were opened when he heard Stefan Grossman playing at the 1969 Cambridge Folk Festival. Thereafter it was blues and ragtime guitar that became his passion.

Colin joined his first group, Quiet Folk, in Coventry in 1970. On moving north he played for a couple of years with the Travelling People, during which time he acquired his first mandolin. In 1974 he joined Teeside band Blue Anchor, playing with fellow members Dave Martin and Nigel Bond (brother of singer-songwriter Peter Bond) for some 10 years and adding the 5-string banjo and accordian to the band's line-up. Blue Anchor recorded two LPs, but eventually split up as the members moved to different parts of the country.

Colin was also heavily involved in running the Pied Piper Folk Club, Blue Anchor's base in Osmotherly, North Yorkshire, and one of the most successful folk clubs in the country.

In 1987 Colin found his way to the Davy Lamp Folk Club, Washington, where he became a regular floor singer, and subsequently to other folk clubs in the region where he could be found doing the occasional guest spot. Finger problems in his right hand caused him to concentrate on playing the mandolin, and he has found a new lease of musical life playing with Backshift.

Colin also sings with the St Andrews Choral Society, which presents somewhat different challenges to playing in a folk group! He and his wife Pat have their own web site, and you can hear Colin playing a few tunes here.